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Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation Building Renewable Energy

Field of Solar Cells

Florida carpenters and pile drivers are playing a critical role in establishing solar farms throughout the state.

We are on several jobsites for Florida Power & Light. This comprehensive renewable resource initiative is designed to dramatically increase the use of solar power using 40 solar farms. Each solar farm needs, at its height, no less than 200 workers.

Field of Solar Cells

“We continue to be successful in our efforts to secure this work now and into the future work. Our members can look forward to a prosperous and successful solar farm installation campaign,” said EST James Banks.

Special Attention to Safety

Safety is our top priority on every project. Our standards on job site safety include:

  • Instilling a core value of safe work by everyone, from apprentices to superintendents
  • Teaming with project owners on the project’s safety program to identify, assess, monitor, manage and eliminate risks
  • Consistent safety-related communications among all stakeholders prior to and throughout the project’s life cycle
  • Meeting and exceeding the highest level of OSHA and other industry safety standards
  • Reinforcing zero-tolerance from our carpenters and pile drivers regarding safety infractions and near-misses
  • Ensuring that the level of safety training meets and exceeds the level of inherent risk factors

Using solar power will save customers millions in electrical fees over the lifetime of each farm. Florida Power & Light’s universal solar energy centers provide zero-emissions power to the grid and are designed to avoid wetlands and minimize any impact on natural surroundings. The panels sit low to the ground, at about 6-to-8 feet high, on racks that fit directly into the soil and do not require any concrete.

Hundreds of Carpenters Shine Bright on Solar Farm Work

Leadership and Productivity

Florida solar worker foremen and superintendents are specifically trained to:

  • Partner with project owners to solve problems and complete tasks to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Leverage new technologies, installation methods, and materials to increase work value
  • Address challenges that surface during a project in a manner that keeps productivity humming

With improved technology and economies of scale in production, the cost of solar power continues to drop, making it more competitive with fossil fuels. With an increase in marketplace acceptance and government incentives, solar power is the fastest growing industry in North America.

Solar Workers Treated to Lunch & an Outstanding Work Outlook by EST Banks and District VP Donahou

Make a Sound Business Decision The Florida Regional Council of Carpenters invests the time and resources to make sure our solar workers are trained to produce superior results every time. Our priority is to place only the best-trained, safest, most productive solar workers in the industry onto the job site.

By placing Florida Carpenters Regional Council solar workers on your project, you are avoiding the hassle and expense of recruiting, hiring, and training workers. Our commitment is to keep you competitive and profitable.

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