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These Brothers & Sisters Are Exceptional Leaders

Congratulations to this special group of brothes and sisters who recently graduated from the highest level of member leadership training that the UBC offers! The 212 Journeymen: Next Level UBC Leaders program focuses on Journeymen Leaders who have committed to utilizing the skills learned in UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future program and embraced the characteristics of a Transformational Leader as active members of the UBC workforce.

We are incredibly proud of these brother and sister 212 Journeymen: Joseph Billie, Joel Caraballo, Scott Demore, William Desthers, Sean Devine, Ashley Fuson, Robert Gawlik, Luis Gonzalez, Michael Hamilton, Eric Herring, Aaron Houlihan, Kevin Kibbee, John Kirtland, Rita Manuel, Robyn Nelson, Camilo Nin, Jose Ossa, Andrew Ramirez, Luis Reyes-Ortiz, Aleyda Rodriguez, Eric Roerdink, Luis Sanchez, Mark Vauiso, Edward Waldman, Michael Walton, and Jolie Weston

Learn more about the 212 program: http://flcrc.org/212-journeymen/