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Taking Our Tax Fraud Message to the Street

Tax Fraud steals a full $8.4 billion (with a "B") dollars every year from Americans. Labor brokers are at the heart of the scheme and as a result, workers are paid off the books and contractors skip paying the same taxes all of us pay as part of our jobs.

It's stealing money from our local, state and federal tax rolls. It's stealing work from contractors who follow the law. It's putting good hard-working carpenters in danger. It needs to stop.

Recently, the Florida Regional Council of Carpenters took the fight to the streets of Miami. We rented a media truck and visited job sites on April 15 and 16 - places where we suspect tax fraud may be taking place.

We also wanted to take our message to the actual workers and tax fraud victims. So, we parked the media truck next to a food truck on a certain jobsite in an effort to catch workers as they ate. No one visited the food truck while the media truck was there. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/NngZ8S-ljD8.

Here's a first-hand look at what tax fraud produces. You get what you pay for in Tax Fraud...dangerous, sub-par work:  https://youtu.be/u4q2omE2c1Q.

Visit stoptaxfraud.net for much more information about this terrible epidemic.