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Pile Drivers Retrieve Superstar's Yacht in Challenging Hoist Environment

When a pop culture superstarís $7.5 million, 120-foot yacht caught fire and sunk in a Miami marina, the need to retrieve the vessel as soon as possible became an emergency because of safety and environmental threats.

The ship sunk in very close quarters and was lodged on its side. The U.S. Coast Guard and its affiliates called the Ebsary Foundation Company and its crews of pile drivers from Florida Local Union 1809 to handle the job.

Union pile drivers are specifically trained in marine work. They performed to their high standard for Ebsary Foundation and hoisted the boat to safety with not incidents, accidents, or delays. And they did it over the Christmas holiday season and still staffed the job with full crews.

The project caught the attention of Marine Construction Magazine, which featured the story in its latest issue. Read the whole story by clicking here: http://digitaledition.marineconstructionmagazine.com/publication/?m=60924&i=654610&p=102

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