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Membership Paves the Way for Leadership to Continue Council Growth & Success

“Great leadership knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”                                                                                                                                              – John Maxwell, Leadership Expert & New York Times Bestselling Author

John Maxwell would be proud of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council’s members. They not only emulated, but also demonstrated his quote's truthfulness by choosing to keep the momentum for growth and success on track at the recent Council officer election.

James Banks, Jr. is charged with executing another term as Executive Secretary-Treasurer. He is joined by Council leaders in these offices:

  • Clarence “Billy” Campbell, President
  • Ronnie Rogers, Vice President
  • Martin Bauer, Executive Committee
  • Humberto Hernandez, Executive Committee
  • Chuck Truckowski, Executive Committee
  • Billy Love, Jr., Warden
  • Christopher Morrison, Conductor
  • Frank D’Angelo, Trustee
  • Randy Page, Trustee
  • Matthew Swanson, Trustee

Bauer, Hernandez and Morrison are new members to the slate, filling vacant slots. The remainder of the officers listed will continue serving in their leadership roles from the prior term.   

To put the importance of this election in perspective, consider where the Council stood a few short years ago, compared to today. For many years, the FLCRC did not experience the success that many hoped for. Although we survived, we were unable to expand or grow. We lost membership, contractors, and market share. The future looked dim. 

But In 2013, that forecast began to change with the election of a new Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST), Brother James Banks. From the moment EST Banks took office, and with the full support of the staff and membership, we began to inch our way forward toward achieving the goals of growing membership, expanding our contractor base, securing solid financial footing, improving our insurance and retirement programs.

Decisions were made for the full benefit of the council and membership. In return, we began to realize what our true potential looked like. We began to function and operate again as a full-service, fraternal organization. Members began to understand and actively support the plan for success. We began to see increases in our market share. EST Banks also made strategic personnel changes and we began to see relationships restored and enhanced with our contractors. And we built new partnerships with several new signatory contractors.

UBC DVP Dennis Donahou

Hard Work Turns Industry Heads

In a recent address to industry executives, UBC Southern District Vice President Dennis Donahou spoke of the progress the FLCRC experienced over the past four years, and his confidence in the Council’s leadership.

“I have witnessed a complete turnaround of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council under the direction of Executive Secretary-Treasurer James Banks and his professional staff. Florida is poised to experience tremendous growth, both with new membership and expansion of its contractor base. I’m extremely proud of their progress,” DVP Donahou said.

The Council is aggressively engaged in member recruitment throughout Florida for individuals who have demonstrated their competency as carpenters in the non-union sector.

“Through our evaluation processes, we will slot them in as apprentices or journeymen, thereby delivering on our mission to provide highly qualified carpenters to our contractor base,” EST Banks added. "This newly elected leadership team is positioned to not only secure work for now, but they are totally committed to growing membership and market share, and improving contractor relationships well into the future."

The Council is also branching out into emerging markets, while yet continuing to grow market share in interior systems, healthcare, pile driving, concrete forms, industrial scaffolding, and most of all, solar power generation.

Our Membership Makes the Difference

FLCRC EST James Banks

The success over the last four years may have been steered by our leadership team, but nothing our Council has accomplished could have occurred without the hard work and determination of our members.

“The past four years have been a testament to the hard work, hard decisions, and hard changes that our members have endured, and that dedication to improvement is now paying off,” said EST Banks. “Our contractors are securing more work than ever before.”

It is our membership that accepted new ideas from their leaders and made them a reality. It is our membership that stayed loyal, dependable, and willing to take on the hard jobs. Members consistently demonstrate their willingness to accept challenges and the dangerous conditions some of these jobs bring, and then perform those tasks at the highest level of quality, and with ultimate professionalism. It's truly an inspiring site.

The trust that this leadership team has in the members provides a level of confidence that supports the risk of venturing into emerging markets, creating dialogue with new signatory contractors, and developing new training modules.

“My pledge to every member and all of our signatory contractors is that the Council staff and I will wake every morning for the next four years with a unshakeable determination and commitment to improve work opportunities and conditions so that each member can adequately provide for themselves and their families,” EST Banks said.

Day in and day out, the membership of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council has proven that they are ready, willing, and able to pursue market share with passion, professionalism, and perseverance. Our members are the best in the UBC, and the decisions they made at the August election clearly make a statement to the fact that Florida is Building Strong & Leading the Way.”