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Local 702 Gets a New Job Dispatch System

Local 702 members of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council now have a Newer – Faster – Better System to use for job dispatch services. The Union Impact Dispatch system provides members with 24-hour access via telephone or the Internet. Once in the system, members can quickly add or remove their name from the out-of-work list, and view and update personal contact information as well.

Union Impact Job Dispatch System Information & User Guide

Accessing Through the Internet: When you visit the Union Impact website for the first time, you will be required to create an account. Visit flcrc.unionimpact.com to get started.

Accessing Through the Telephone: Using a touch-tone phone, dial the Union Impact phone number: 904-298-6889

You will hear “Welcome to the Florida Carpenters Dispatch Registration Line. Please enter your 8-digit UBC ID.” Enter JUST THE NUMBERS of your UBC ID (Do not enter the “U” at the beginning of your ID number):

U - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.

The first time you call the Union Impact number – 904-298-6889 – you will be asked to enter your birthdate. Once entered, you will be able to create a PIN as your personal password to the system.

Definitions & Conditions

OUT-OF-WORK LISTS designate the type of work or geographic area you have selected for potential employment. Depending upon Local rules, you may belong to one or more Out-of-Work lists. If a particular job does not fill using its primary list, Union Impact can search for members of alternate (rollover) lists.

SKILL CODES designate the particular skills or qualifications you have obtained. Skill codes are administered and may be updated by your Local or Regional Council office.

DISPATCH PROCESS: You are called according to exact Council Rules.  Generally, the member possessing the required skills, and with the earliest out of work date (measured down to the second you placed yourself on the list) on the primary out of work list is called first. Other members on the primary list are called next. Once the primary list is exhausted, calls proceed to rollover lists.

LOCAL 702 Council Representatives:

Randy Page, North Florida Area Manager: 904-387-4471

Joseph Stevens, Council Representative: 305-803-9491

North Florida Training Center: 904-388-3972

Tom Dolan, Assistant Coordinator: 904-759-7874

Training Website: FloridaCarpenters.org

Union Impact Job Dispatch System: FLCRC.UnionImpact.com