Welcome to the Florida Carpenters Regional Council



Labor Day 2021 Message from EST Banks

Hello Brothers and Sisters


No one has to tell any of us what challenging times we are in. It seems our state is full of issues that we as union carpenters and piledrivers must navigate to remain productive and keep our partners staffed with effective, safe manpower. I am so proud of all of you for performing so well under these unprecedented conditions. As a result, we have great contractors all over the state, which means lots of work for our members.


COVID-19 is a real issue that can derail our efforts to keep our partners staffed with manpower. Everyone is needed to do everything they can to stay healthy and ready to answer calls for work. I ask that we all pull together to resist shutdowns and delays because of COVID outbreaks among our membership. I ask that we all rely on common sense and trust science. I ask that each of you really consider the threat that we’re fight against right now and commit yourself to controlling the spread within your family and your co-workers.


The UBC is 140 years old this year. That’s 14 decades of strength, tenacity, determination, and true grit to fight for fair wages, fair working conditions, and the right to grow our union in the pursuit of 70% market share.


Our response to controlling the spread of COVID-19 falls right in line with those who fought before us for the Carpenters Union movement in America.


Thomas Edison once said “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.”


This is an opportunity – one that will be analyzed well into the future as our grandchildren’s grandchildren will see what we did to fight back against this virus. Help us continue this fight and do what you can to keep the virus from affecting our growth.


On behalf of the staff and officers of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council, please accept our wish for you to have a great Labor Day holiday.


Yours in Solidarity,

James Banks

FLCRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer