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Help Save Project Labor Agreements

Project Labor Agreements (or PLAs) are once again under attack by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), an anti-union special interest outfit in Washington, D.C. They are lobbying Congress against Project Labor Agreements, calling them rigged and costly.†

Project Labor Agreements are just pre-hire contracts that help everyone on a construction site - from developers to contractors to workers to taxpayers. PLAs make sure that the playing field is level for all contractors and that construction companies pay a good wage and follow safety regulations. Creating good jobs isnít rigging the system. The system should be creating good jobs.†

Project Labor Agreements protect standards and give our contractors a fair chance to compete for jobs, which means more work for you and all UBC members. Those who vote against us are always saying that government should act more like the private sector and the vast majority of PLAs are in the private sector. Why are they being hypocrites?†

Please take a minute to do your part and tell Congress you support PLAs and expect them to as well. Good jobs are good for the economy and good for local communities.Click here to send a letter to your representative in Congress.†