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Help Defeat the Senate Health Care Repeal Bill

Last week, Senator Mitch McConnell planned to have the Senate vote on their devastating health care bill. Then, tens of thousands of people called, emailed, and stopped by their Senators' offices, demanding they vote 'no' on the bill. The opposition was so fierce, he had to postpone the vote. 

The Congressional Budget Office confirmed the Senate health care repeal bill is no better than the AHCA that passed the House. Twenty-two million people would lose coverage under the Senate bill. Premiums will increase by 20%, and nearly a trillion dollars would be cut from Medicaid, ending the program as we know it, while the wealthy and big corporations get a huge tax break.

Help defeat the Senate Health Care Repeal Bill. Click here to access a direct line to your Senator, or click here to see your Senator's contact information. Either way, please tell your Senator to vote against this bill.