Welcome to the Florida Carpenters Regional Council



Florida Carpenters Regional Council Accomplishes Excellent Financial Stability & Triples Reserves

In the last 10 years, we have all seen the dramatic rise, fall, and rise again of our economic system.  The Florida Carpenters Regional Council was not exempt from these times of instability, and often, our members would express concern about their future and our sustainability.

Under the current leadership of our Executive Secretary-Treasurer James Banks, the Florida Carpenters Regional Council is in the best financial position we have experienced in years. We have seen our Pension Fund grow despite the ups and downs of the market. We have seen our Supplemental Pension nearly double in size, and our Health and Welfare Fund is stronger than ever.

And, our Council financial reserves have tripled under the leadership of EST Banks. It is clear to see that the Florida Carpenters Regional Council, under this current leadership, is positioned to sustain and grow, and secure our goal of 70% market share in Florida.