Welcome to the Florida Carpenters Regional Council



Council E-Board, from left to right: Joseph Stevens, Matthew Swanson, Randy Page, Michael Harper, Frank D’Angelo, James Banks, Ronnie Rodgers, Martin Bauer, Aleyda Rodriguez, Alexander Jiron, Billy Love

Delegates Elect Officers to Lead the Council Through Its Continued Success

James Banks will continue to lead union carpenters throughout Florida as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Florida Carpenters Regional Council. The successful labor leader was re-elected to that post by Council delegates on Saturday.


At its August Council meeting, delegates also installed the officers for the Council’s Executive Board, including voting Frank D’Angelo as new President. He succeeds long-time Council President Billy Campbell, who retired recently. The full slate of officers named to a four-year term are:


James Banks, EST

Frank D’Angelo, President

Ronnie Rogers, Vice President

Billy Love, Warden

Joseph Stevens, Conductor

Trustees: Michael Harper, Randy Page, and Matthew Swanson

Executive Committee Members: Martin Bauer, Alexander Jiron, and Aleyda Rodriguez



New President Frank D'Angelo swears-in new Delegates

EST Banks congratulated each of the newly elected leaders and recommitted his team to stay focused on providing exceptional service and support to each member and each signatory contractor every day in these next four years.


“I am proud to lead this talented staff and e-board in supporting our members and partners as they capture four more years of growth and stability,” Banks said.


EST Banks identified Central Florida as the latest growth area. “We will be restructuring Central Florida with emphasis on expanding our footprint in the Tampa market. That means employing additional staff for that area, establishing a full-time office, and recruiting new members and contractors,” Banks said. “We have already begun consolidating our Industrial Locals to include Local 1820 & Local 2316, thereby creating a total membership of 1,155 members in this extremely important sector of our Council.”


The Training program will continue to fuel Council growth by fortifying its staff. Plans are to hire additional Area Training Instructors to fill vacancies experienced over the past year. The Training program has recently hired a UBC INSTALL Certified Instructor to assist in capturing more of the Florida flooring market.

“We look forward to the next four years and continuing our relationship with Mr. Banks and the other officers of the Regional Council to deliver top-notch training to our members and contractors.” said State Training Director Jimmie Jordan.




Neena and Ron Rodriguez


The Impact of COVID-19 on Florida’s Construction Community is Unprecedented.


“We continued to provide safe, skilled carpentry and pile driving services during this incredibly difficult time in our country’s history,” said EST Banks. “That is a direct testament to the productivity and attitude of the brothers and sisters of this Council.”


EST Banks encourages members to stay safe by employing strategies such as social-distancing, getting vaccinated, and practicing good hand-washing habits.


“Remain vigilant to know the facts about this virus and then make your personal decisions regarding how to protect yourself and your family,” he said. “Neena Rodriguez, a member from Local 2002 is a perfect example of staying vigilant and using common sense.”


Neena works for Putnam County as a landfill collection site attendant. She and her husband questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. She also assumed her mostly isolated workday protected her enough. Until the virus hit close to home. A co-worker who brought Neena lunch recently tested positive for COVID the following day. The 30-something woman rapidly declined and died.

“I told my husband ‘I’m getting the shot, I’m not trying to make you, but I think it’s the right thing to do.’” He agreed and they got vaccinated together, even holding hands while doing so.


Stay informed: https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/.