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John Zellner, left, and John Barker, right

Central Florida Local 1905 Celebrates 65-Year and 70-Year Members

Council staff had the great honor to present 65-year and 70-year pins to two members of Central Florida Local 1905. 

The 65-year service pin went to John Barker, who is 94-years young, just shy of 95. We thank him for his service as he was in both the Army and the Navy. As a union carpenter, he worked on many projects in Central Florida. Congratulations Mr. Barker, and thank you for your service to our country, and also to the Local, the Florida Regional Council and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters!

The 70-year service pin went to John Zellner. Mr. Zellner is 92-years young and joined the Carpenters Union on August 9, 1950, back when there was a Local Union in St. Petersburg. He credits his uncle, who at the time was the Local's Business Manager, for getting him into the union and apprenticeship program. Mr. Zellner had a successful career all over Florida as a Superintendent and Project Manager. Mr. Zellner said he looks forward to getting his 75 year pin! Thank you for your service to the Union, Mr.Zellner, and congratulations!