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Carpenters' Work is Aces For These Promising Teens

Perhaps there is little in life more important than supporting and nurturing youngsters as they become young adults. In Florida, teens who show potential to become future leaders have a strong helping hand through the Student ACES program.

Student ACES provides character education programs, mentoring, community service and life skills for high school student athletes.

Student ACES’ focus is to inspire, train and mentor a community of Student ACES who exemplify leadership traits in athletics, community service and education.

Spearheading Student ACES is Buck Martinez, a former executive from Florida Power & Light. He and his daughter, Krissy Webb, discovered a need to build a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership.

Based on a long-standing partnership between Florida Power & Light and the Florida Carpenters, Mr. Martinez reached out to James Banks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Florida Carpenters for help in getting the Palm Beach ACES center renovated and upgraded for the program’s needs.

That project was recently completed and celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Palm Beach County center.

“The goals and vision of the ACES program is similar to the leadership training program that our own carpenters complete as they progress in their careers as professional craftsmen,” said Mr. Banks.

The inspiration for Student ACES is derived from a deep desire to see every student achieve a foundation of honor, character and integrity that will permanently generate positive outcomes in their schools and for the next generation.

“It has meant a world of difference for our productivity by placing these carpenter leaders on job sites, so I can confidently anticipate how well these ACE leaders will excel in the community and their own chosen professions,” Mr. Banks added. “We are honored to be a part of this all-too-important ACES initiative.”