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Our Capabilities

Our range of capabilities is based in fundamentals, so that jobs are done safely, on time and on budget. Quality work at a competitive cost — what project owners require and what Florida Carpenters deliver.

Quotes from the Field...

  • “It’s apparent that the Florida Carpenters are again leading the industry, this time with the installation of solar farms. The employer is happy with their productivity and attitude, and the end user is happy with their work product. It’s a positive outcome for everyone involved.” — Dennis Donahou, UBC Southern District Vice President

  • “A crucial key to our success is the outstanding talent and professionalism of the members.” — James Banks, Florida Carpenters Regional Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer

  • “When creative design is implemented by skilled (Florida) installers, flooring can become the primary design feature in a room.” — Commercial Architecture Magazine, regarding a project at Kennedy Space Center’s Astronaut Encounter area on Merritt Island. FLCRC members made the LED-lit floor a central design element of the facility.

  • “From safety and technical skills to communication and leadership skills, our members are trained to be productive, safe, and teamwork-oriented.” — Jimmie Jordan, Director, Florida Carpenters Training Trust Fund

  • “My pledge to every member and all of our signatory contractors is that the Council staff and work every day with an unshakeable determination and commitment to improve work opportunities and conditions so that each member can provide a good quality of life for themselves and their families.” — James Banks, Florida Carpenters Regional Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Thousands of professional carpenters and pile drivers go to work everyday here in Florida and provide a win-win scenario for the contractors and project owners who employ them. These men and women are local, trained, safe, experienced hands working from a foundation of an international skilled trade. Take a look inside to see how and why we are a smart business decision for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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